Regardless Of Where You Are In Your Business...

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If you’re a chiropractor, then chances are, you want to care for more people in your community. You want to spend more time with your family and friends, and have a business that is growing and helping people, not struggling and stressing you out.

However, there’s just a few problems right now:

  • You’re tired of an insurance-based business, and want to move to a cash-based one, but don’t think people will pay out of pocket
  • You want to see more children, but most of your patients are adults who are only coming to you when they’re in pain
  • When people do come to see you, they leave after a hand-full of visits, even though you KNOW they need long-term care
  • You’re stuck, stressed, and not sure how to breakthrough into a bigger practice, like the one you imagined when you first started out
  • There’s pressure on your family life because of the stresses in your business, and you can’t figure out how to balance business and family time

If any of this has you nodding your head, thinking, “yeah, that’s me”—then read on.

I’m going to show you what to do so you can avoid these frustrations and worries (or if you’ve already been through them, you’re going to see how to get OUT of them).

So if you’ve ever felt stuck—because you’re…

  • Starting to wonder if you made the right choice in pursuing chiropractic
  • Ready to give up, because you’re tired of the people you care for not seeing the benefit in what you do
  • Not sure how to take your practice to the next level

And you’ve felt like:

  • All the information out there inspires you to want to grow, but you just have so many ideas that you feel overwhelmed and you never get any of them done
  • A business that is ALL cash with a high amount of lifetime care patients just seems out of reach and not doable
  • Most of your time is spent bringing in new patients who leave after a few visits, not continually caring for patients that are signed on for long-term wellness packages

Then I’d like to show you that there is a better way.

I know from my own experience, and from the experience of working with thousands of chiropractors who once stood in your position…

That there is a simpler way to grow a profitable chiropractic practice, one that perfectly balances business and care, and there’s a simple step-by-step path to do it all consistently.

FINALLY… A Proven System For Growing Your Practice In 90 Days Using Tested Techniques That Work

Whether you desire to:

  • Feel confident and fulfilled as you walk into your thriving practice that’s overflowing with new patients signing up for long-term care plans
  • Set up the most valuable care plans that are wellness-driven for the patient, and profit-driven for you—a perfect win-win scenario
  • Set up your entire business and design it around your lifestyle so you can see patients all day everyday if you so choose, or less patients without sacrificing time and money
  • Use proven marketing and sales strategies that aren’t “scammy” or “sales-y” that you can plug into your business and start using right away
  • Have the flexibility to set hours in your business that work around your life, so you have the freedom to spend more time with your family while sharing your passion with the world
  • Finally be proud and confident that you’re a doctor who’s helping people, rather than just someone who’s waiting on the sidelines for permission to share their gift with the world.

The Epic Accelerator Ignite Class will take you by the hand, and lead you step-by-step to the freedom, personal fulfillment, and financial success you’ve been yearning for… and the kind of lifestyle you know you deserve.


"Since joining Epic Accelerators I have gained 100 new patients- half are now kids. Doubled my care plans and about doubled my visits. Thank you for all your support and butt kicking."


So Doc...

Just $597 / mo, No Contracts!

Act Now To Join The Ignite Class Of Q1 2019... Before It Sells Out!

yes! i’m ready to ignite!

Don't miss out... Ignite classes are limited to a small group of committed docs and fill up fast- every class has sold out!

"One of the biggest impacts we've experienced is improving our marketing and hitting record new patients a month. We are finally feeling like we are going somewhere. Our belief triangle is changing. We are so glad we stepped up and committed to this program. Thank you Dr Jackson for being an EPIC leader and challenging our beliefs."


Accelerator Ignite is the 90-Day Kickstart Process for Epic Accelerator, strategically designed to help accelerate your business and life from where you are now to where you want to BE.

It’s the fast-track to success within Epic Accelerator, which is the profession’s #1 Success Training Program.

Think of it like this: Epic Accelerator is like lifetime wellness care and the Accelerator Ignite Class is the intensive, 90-day care plan to help you get momentum and results in your first 90 days.

When you join the Q1 Ignite Class today, you will be enrolled in Epic Accelerator, which means after 90 days you will continue to grow with the Epic community long-term.

Beginning with an in-depth analysis of your practice, you work 1-on-1 with one of our Epic Ignite Experts to design your personal care plan.

We'll dig into all areas that are holding you back, shed light on the exact strategies you've been in the dark about, and have you ready to jumpstart your practice.

We'll follow up by connecting weekly on the exclusive Ignite Webinars where, one by one, you'll discover each of the 9 Gears you need to build the business and life that really excites you.

At the end of the 90 days, you'll be ready to 'graduate' from the Ignite class and officially become a member of our esteemed Epic Accelerator Family.

Epic Accelerator is unlike anything else.

Driven by innovation and a proven track record, we see every Accelerator Member as unique and work with you to create YOUR blueprint to YOUR Epic Success.

You won't find “one-size-fits-all” here. You also won't find contracts, gimmicky marketing crap, or leaders/coaches who are ego-driven.

What you WILL find is the single most effective and committed community of chiropractors in the profession, all training together to Serve More, Make More, and Live More.

The Ignite System is proven to help you achieve YOUR ideal practice regardless of how many times it may have eluded you in the past.

We are steeped in authenticity and work tirelessly to assure that you are empowered, equipped, and supported to finally create the practice you dream about.

Our Ignite leaders include Epic Founder & CEO Dr. David Jackson, world-renowned Pediatric Expert Dr. Tony Ebel, Business Building Systems Guru Dr. Jeffrey Stamp, and In-The-Trench Marketing, Systems, & Growth Experts Dr. Krysti Wick and Dr. Jake Grinaker.

Each one of these five leaders on their own have helped thousands of chiropractors grow and build, yet the true power of the Accelerator Program is the Epic Community.

If 5 brains are Epic, imagine being connected to hundreds of docs from around the world who openly, happily and freely share EXACTLY what worked for them in practice TODAY. This is what makes up the Accelerator difference- a one of a kind community of committed chiropractors helping one another so that we all grow.

What a concept... Now a reality with Epic Accelerator!

Go From Where You Are Now To Where You Want To Be...

yes! i’m ready to ignite!

"Since joining Ignite and attending Impact in October, my Cash Collections has gone from 40% to 70%, 350 Patient Visits/wk to 475, I stopped adjusting on Day One (practice changing alone!), 40% Pediatrics, and Care Plans have increased by 20 visits. Thank you!!"


Meet Dr. David the founder of Epic Practice

Over the last 30 years, I’ve helped over 4,000 chiropractors create their dream businesses.

Many of those docs have grown their practice by 2x-5x through Epic Accelerator.

But more importantly, I’ve helped them realize their own potential as doctors and as members of their community.

Because I know what it feels like to think you’re “not good at business,” and not be able to look your spouse in the eye because you can’t make your practice work.

When I first started, my first NINE practices failed. I tried over and over again to find success, but just couldn’t “figure it out.”

I was broke, depressed, and angry—I had hit a wall.

Even though I wanted to help people, I couldn’t. There was no one to help, since no one was coming into see me...

So I quit. I literally burned my diploma in a trash can and left the profession to become an auto mechanic.

But let me ask you something doc… do YOU remember why you got into this profession?

I do. It was to help create freedom.

For my patients, freedom from sickness and disease.

For myself, freedom from stress and bankruptcy.

And during my time away from chiropractic care, I was reminded of that.

I was reminded that it was my duty to use my knowledge, and my drive, to care for people and create that freedom for them.

Yes, failing hurt, but not more than the knowledge that there were people I could be helping who weren’t being cared for.

And not more than knowing I could better care for my family by doing what I was put on this earth to do.

So I came back to practice and did things differently: I had a plan.

I narrowed my focus, got to work, and began using the process that would eventually become the basis for Epic Accelerator.

The result?

I opened another practice from scratch and in less than 6 months I was seeing 400+ patients a week, working only 17 hours, with very little overhead, and with around 50-55% kids… all 100% cash with a 60+% profit margin.

I mastered everything I could and built what was my ‘Epic Practice’. I was able to help lots of people, had the respect of my community, made a ton of money, and built an incredible quality of life for myself and my family.

Now you might think that would be the end of the road for any chiropractor. You might think that I’d be crazy to give that up and leave the practice after everything I’d achieved.

Yet during the process, I felt another calling…

As I was building my business, I became extremely passionate about helping other chiropractors do what I did.

Watching other doctors struggle, and knowing that there were sick people out there they could be caring for, made that passion come alive inside me even more, so...

In 2001, I sold my practice, moved across the country, and became the President of CLA (Chiropractic Leadership Alliance).

I traveled to 5 different continents to speak, inspire, and help docs build better practices.

And in 2008 I started what is now Epic Practice, to show doctors how to succeed and grow their practices, without all the hype, BS, and high cost that is everywhere in our profession.

It was the first online training program in the chiropractic industry, and since then we’ve helped thousands of docs like you reconnect with their calling, and grow their practices so they can feel empowered to share their gifts with the world.

I’ve realized that teaching doctors how to grow their practice so they can serve their communities was a calling, just like the one that might have called you to become a chiropractor, and just like the one that called you to this page right now.

Doc, today I’d like to invite you to join the community I created, so you can learn step-by-step how to double your practice (or more), impact your community, and build something of substance that has a piece of YOU as an individual, in the most profitable way possible.

The strategies in Epic Accelerator Ignite will help you grow your business whether you’re…

  • A startup wanting to explode out of the gate
  • A struggling doc who doesn’t feel like they know about the business side of things
  • A doc who’s doing OK but tired of running an insurance-based practice and wants to move to a cash-based wellness program
  • Already doing great, and want to see more kids and double your practice to take it further

Having a proven, step-by-step plan you can follow—regardless of your current level of business experience—gives you the confidence to make quick decisions and take massive action.

Plus, it allows you to skip over the expensive mistakes I made, and that most chiropractors make. You won’t have the stress, frustration, and self-doubt that comes with trying to grow a practice all alone.

  • 7th GEAR: TEAM

"Prior to Epic, I started a practice and for the first year was failing. I had no direction, no idea how to communicate value to patients, no plan to attract patients and had zero income. I was so low personally, I would take “sick" days, I would sleep to avoid the pain of a miserable practice, I would avoid speaking with family and friends because of how I felt about my life and I would actually hope that patients would come into the office because I didn’t want them to see how bad things really were.

Then I spoke with Krysti Wick. Her own journey with practice and life was one I could relate to and she shared with me where she was only a few short years ago. Her story was very similar to mine. I remember telling her that I really hated practicing with idea of “needing” scripts” and this “do it my way” style of practice. I wanted to be authentic, I wanted to be me…and I felt that in that moment she and Epic could help me find out what that would look like, in practice but more importantly in my life as a father and husband.

In one short year, I went from seeing 35 visits per week, never being able to buy a Christmas gift for my son, never taking a real vacation to finally providing for my family, to taking family vacations, living congruently with my life and my family’s life, sharing my growth and experience at Epic Impact with hundreds of other chiropractors and having a record WEEK and DAY right before our Christmas break ( slow time of the year, right?)

If you would have told me that 2016 would be have been that different, I wouldn’t have believed you. But it truly was.

My mindset, my communication, my vision, my expectations for myself and my practice have all been grown because of what Epic has provided and because I made the CHOICE to BE Epic and do the work.

If this feels familiar, take my words to heart…it can happen to you too.

In one short year, my life has changed drastically, I am a better human, father, husband, son, friend and chiropractor because of Epic and the Epic community. I am truly grateful for how much Epic has guided my success in practice but more importantly in my LIFE!"


"We are beyond blessed to have found Epic. We had NO idea a community like this ever existed. The whole premise and foundation of Epic sounded “too good to be true”: a group of highly successful, courageous, committed, and principled chiropractors ON FIRE and united for one purpose??! Is this for real?! We sat through the Ignite presentation with eyes the size of Godzilla saying, “yes”, “yes”, and “YES!!!” to everything that was discussed. It was EXACTLY what we needed in our lives. At the time we were “stuck” in practice and our lives. We had used a management company AND were paying for a business coach. We had profitable practice as far as finances were concerned, but nothing. left. over. No time. No energy. No fun. And FAR too much stress! It was affecting our family and our relationship. Ignite was seemed like the perfect solution. AND IT WAS!! Dr. Jackson and his crew came swooping in on angel’s wings and lived up to their reputation and then some! The entire Ignite program far exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t absorb enough information from each of the calls and webinars. It was the fastest most furious 90 days of our lives. We did the work, ALL OF THE WORK! The results spoke for themselves. Our “profitable” practice exploded! Our patient visits nearly doubled and we had a 182% NET profit in a year’s time. YES, 100 and 82%! Most importantly we have more time, more energy, and more JOY in our lives than ever before. Epic gave us hope and clarity on a vision (that at the time seemed impossible) of what life could be. We are happy to say, “this is just the beginning”. We have never had more fun in our practice and in our lives than ever before. THANK YOU EPIC!!!!!!"


"I initially joined Epic Accelerators in October of 2015, and I was a member of the first ever Ignite Program. The past year has truly been a whirlwind year for my wife and I- I graduated from Chiropractic school, we got married, adopted our son, and we opened up a business together.

I was originally drawn to Epic because this is the ONLY group that challenges and invites you to create the practice of your dreams, on your own terms. No gimmicks, no scripts, no fluff. I get to be myself 100% of the time, without copying someone else. Everything I have learned through Ignite, Accelerators, and Pediatrics has allowed my team to build a thriving, 100% cash, family-focused practice. Additionally, our retention is through the roof because my team and I have learned how to create massive value from the principles we have learned through Epic.

The practice we have created is literally exactly what we envisioned from the beginning. We work six, three hour shifts throughout the week, and we are currently needing to open up another three hour shift because we have very little time to see new patients. We have a three day weekend every week, which allows us the freedom to spend time with our son and do stuff that brings us joy. Additionally, since we are 100% cash we get paid promptly and don't have to go home every night worrying about a potential audit. The experience we have had with Epic transcends any and all expectations we initially had.

I can confidently say that without the guidance from all of the Epic mentors, that our practice would not be where it is today. Most importantly, my life and the joy I derive from it would not be where it is today without Epic. Epic is easily one of the best investments you can make for your current and future practice."


"I am so thankful to have found my EPIC family! I started with the EPIC pediatrics about 6 months before I opened my practice. I watched these Modules like many would a netflix series; I just couldn't get enough of the science, communication, marketing, and strategies. Then, I started with the Ignite program 90 days before I opened my doors. This on-boarding process gave me the tools that I needed to open my practice. Not only did the program cover MORE systems, MORE communication, and MORE care plans, but also allowed me to have the mindset to THINK BIGGER! It made me re-evaluate what I even thought was possible in a pediatric and family focused practice, and gave me the certainty to do it.

With the knowledge that I learned from a combination of Epic Pediatrics and Ignite/Accelerators, I was able to grow very quickly! Within 2.5 months of opening my practice, I was seeing more than 100 patient visits per week! I can't thank EPIC enough for all the strategies and support that it has given me, and would recommend this to anyone who wants to have more clarity, certainty, and success!"


"I LOVE going to work every day! Epic gives me confidence that my mindset and strategies are geared in the right direction. In November I had the most patient visits and collections EVER all while I thought I was winding down to take maternity leave. THANK YOU!"


"Thanks for helping me identify and call bull**** on an independent contractor and freeing up a perceived weight on my shoulder. Thanks for helping me improve my PV by 33% since joining Epic which also translates into profit. Thanks for the kick in the ass that I'm going to need next year to maintain this momentum!"


Custom Process Designed Just For You

A detailed Report Of Findings so we can tailor the program to your exact needs

Over the course of 90 days, we'll work with you to correct any interferences in your business and accelerate you forward toward your goals.

  • You’ll begin by investing a few hours completing an in-depth analysis of your business so your experience is 100% customized to your unique needs
  • Your Epic Ignite Advisor will plan out customized strategies (a care plan) and go over it in detail to make sure nothing’s missing and it’s completely tailored to get you to where you want to go
  • Over the course of 90 days you will continue to connect twice per month with your Velocity group to ensure you're on the right path every step of the way, leaving nothing to chance

Exclusive Trainings On Each And Every Key Point You’ll Need To Know To Grow Your Business

10 weekly training webinars with open Q&A

We'll get on private weekly webinars (recorded if you miss one) and crush through the 9 Gears of an Epic Practice.

  • We’ll show you the 9 foundations you must master if you want to double your practice, and exactly how to set them up in your business so you can put them to work right away
  • There will be weekly accountability assignments, which means accountability is baked into the process and will make sure you don’t fall behind as you move forward
  • Open Q&A and community engagement to give you feedback from your peers right away, so if you’re stuck at any point you’ll get answers ASAP
  • Exclusive private webinars where we’ll go even deeper on each topic, to make sure you’re grasping every piece of practice-growing info so you can grow quickly, while you’re learning

Collective Insights From The EPIC COMMUNITY

Group calls where you get even more guidance from the Epic team PLUS your peers as you learn and share your experiences with each other

Group video calls will be lead by the Epic Ignite Advisors and community, drawing on the collective knowledge of your peers and collaboration as a group in order to overcome obstacles and stay accountable.

  • Accountability and a built-in support system from a world-class community of doctors who all congregate to help one another move forward together—a community that’s unparalleled in the field of chiropractic
  • Track your progress as you grow your business with in-depth progress analyses so you can fix the leaks, expand on opportunities, and create serious growth
  • Go over your progress with your Epic Ignite Advisors to get world-class feedback as you move forward in the program, giving you expert business insights not available anywhere else

In-Depth Quarterly Bonus Trainings (LIVE)

Exclusive live, in-person trainings where we go over exactly what’s working in OUR businesses and those of our most successful members

As an active Epic Accelerator member, we meet in-person for live events and train hard 3x per year (included in your membership).

  • Private access to an additional 4 hours of hyper-focused training on key areas of your practice that most people overlook
  • Live events that allow us to dive deeper with each and every member, giving you the newest tools, techniques, and systems as they’re developed, so you know what’s working in the industry before anyone else
  • By the end of these bonus events, you’ll be equipped with the most up-to-date business strategies that you can use right away to take your practice to the next level

An Epic Ignite Advisor will help you layout your care plan in easy-to-digest steps, and direct you through the Epic Ignite process over your first 90 days.

  • You will work 1-on-1 with an Epic Ignite Advisor to guide you from start to finish over the entire 90-day period
  • This isn’t just an online course that you’ll be thrust into with no direction, you’ll have a community full of active members, and your assigned Epic Ignite expert giving you real feedback
  • Learn the profession’s most important growth strategies, and actually have someone there explaining them to you rather than trying to figure it out on your own—the community and your advisor are there to help you every step of the way

All Of The Training, Resources, And Accountability
You Need To Create A Thriving Practice

When you enroll in Epic Accelerator Ignite you’ll get access to everything in the Epic Accelerator program… so this support and training goes well beyond just your first 90 days as you continue to grow with the Epic family!

We’ve set up the program so that you learn, create and implement quickly—with our
support and real-time training along the way.


"In my practice I have seen a 100% conversion so far since starting Ignite. That is 6 definite patients and they all mention that they would like to bring in their entire family. Great steps for me and my confidence level is really high in the office. Thank you for everything so far and in the future!"


You Can Enroll Today With Confidence.
But Registration Is Only Open For A Limited Time

You can join by the deadline and get everything outlined above, but registration closes for good on the date and time listed below.

Enrollment Closes
Wednesday the 30th at midnight pacific

Running A Profitable Practice Can Profoundly Change The Quality Of Your Life

Epic Accelerator Ignite will prove to be transformational not only for your career, income, and life— but also for the lives of all the people you will help.

It’s a complete A to Z solution for chiropractors, created by chiropractors who’ve “been there, done that.”

How This Is Different...

You don’t need to be an expert businessperson to get started. You just need to start.

The Epic Accelerator Ignite program was made just for you, so you can jump start your practice all with a proven, step-by-step plan and personalized support…

It will allow you to create the business of your dreams, in less time, AND on your own terms. It will allow you to create the lifestyle, income, and fulfillment that deep down, you know you deserve.

But not only that…

You’ll be able to create freedom for yourself, yes, but you’ll also be creating freedom for your patients.

When I see chiropractors struggling and suffering, I don’t just see them stressing to pay the bills every month…

I also see a thousand other people who need their help that they could be caring for as well.

You can create a bigger practice, care for your community, do it all in less time, and make more money than you think is possible right now.

You’ve seen the examples here as living, breathing proof that it is possible.

I want you to feel totally at ease when making this decision to join us in the Epic Accelerator Ignite program. We’ve done everything we possibly can to guarantee that when you follow the steps laid out for you, you will make rapid progress.

I can confidently say that, because we’ve worked with thousands of chiropractors who were starting from scratch when they enrolled in the Epic Accelerator Ignite program, within a few months they grew their practices by 2-5x.

Sign up now and get lifetime access to the Epic Accelerator Ignite program…


An all-cash practice, one in which you walk through the doors, knowing that your day will be full of patients, who are enrolled in your lifetime care plan.

You’re caring for more kids than ever before, the families are referring new patients to you each and every day…

And people are coming to you as a source for their well-being, not just because they’re in pain.

And imagine this happening every single day.

Imagine feeling the kind of confidence that comes with knowing that your kids can enroll in any after-school program they want and you’re not thinking about how much it’ll cost.

Imagine finally being able to pay down your student loans faster than you ever thought possible.

Imagine taking your entire family on a trip to your favorite destination... without counting pennies!

This can and will happen for you…

So don’t wait for another opportunity to shape your future. This is your chance!

Enrollment closes Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 at 12:00 midnight, so click below and enroll today!

Can’t wait to see you on the inside!

BE Epic

Dr. David Jackson

Enrollment Closes
Wednesday the 30th at Midnight Pacific


Q: What’s the difference between Epic Accelerator and Epic Accelerator Ignite?

Epic Accelerator Ignite is the 90-Day Onboarding Process for our Epic Accelerator membership, strategically designed and PROVEN to help accelerate you from where you are now to where you want to BE.

This onboarding process has created massive growth for our members and allows them to get up to speed with our other Accelerators as quickly and effectively as possible.

Ignite is $597/month and continues at the same investment once you officially 'graduate' from Accelerator Ignite to a full blown Epic Accelerator.

At the end of the 90 days, you'll be ready to 'graduate' from the Ignite onboarding process and officially become a member of our esteemed Epic Accelerator Family.

As an active Epic Accelerator, we train weekly, have dozens of live Engage Calls each month, hold each other accountable and meet and train hard 3x per year (included in your membership). During these live events, we open private access for an additional 4 hours of specific and focused Live Training for Ignite Members Only.

So here's the bottom line: Docs who want to accelerate the FASTEST join Epic Accelerator so you can start the Ignite process.

Our results show that this is THE best place to start the growth process, so we would highly encourage you to join the class and accelerate with us!

Q: What does the 90-day process involve?

Over the course of 90 days, you'll go through a process focused on the 9 Gears of an Epic Practice, specifically designed to give you the tools, support, and resources to help you master them so you experience Epic breakthroughs and growth:

  • 10 Training Webinars (1/week) On the 9 Gears
  • Built-in Accountability
  • Detailed Report of Findings
  • Personal Assignment to Epic Advisor
  • Personal ROF and Care Plan
  • Twice monthly Velocity Group Calls
  • Built-In Gear-Focused Accountability Exercises
  • Exclusive Live Bonus Training

Q: Why the “9 gears?” What are they?

Ever feel like you're stuck in 3rd gear? You know you’re capable of so much more but you just can’t seem to pull it all together? You’re not alone.

The reason the average national average practice serves about 110 patients a week, 15 new patients a month, and only takes home around $60K a year is because no one has trained them to understand and master the 9 Gears to Success… until now!


Q: I’ve been through programs like this before and they really didn’t work for me, how is this any different?

Let's just get something straight right off the bat: we know why typical “get results and rich fast” programs don't work and that's why we set out to re-invent the model. We did that and MORE, creating something so different, so revolutionary, that over 96% of docs experience significant growth in the most essential areas of practice!

Our track record is what it is because Ignite is unlike anything else in this profession, meaning you'll get results and experience breakthroughs unlike you ever have before.

Q: I really want to join, but to be honest, money is super tight and I just don’t know if I can afford it.

We know where you're coming from 100%, but hear us on this one—find the money! The time to invest is NOW, even if it hurts. Ignite was built to be the best investment you could ever make for yourself, your practice, AND your family, and you'll be kicking yourself if you don't.

Remember—this is not an expense: it is absolutely an investment and it will return HUGE. (ONE care plan done the way we’ll teach you will pay for your entire program!)

Q: I’m a recent grad and my practice isn’t open yet, is Ignite still right for me?

We've had dozens of docs who began Ignite before they officially opened their practice and have said going through the process was one of the best decisions they've ever made, even though they weren't open quite yet! It gave them the tools to lay a rock-solid foundation and the resources they needed to continue building their Epic Practice. If you're looking to start out strong and build a rock solid foundation for future growth (which we assume you are!) for your practice, then Accelerator Ignite is absolutely the best place for you to start.

Q: My associate/spouse/etc also wants to participate in Ignite, how do they?

We’re 100% committed to helping docs build their Epic Practice, so we make the decision to have your associate/spouse join you in Accelerator Ignite a no-brainer by offering 50% off the 2nd DC membership: just $298.50/mo!

If You Want To Ignite Your Practice,

Act Now & Save Your Seat For The

Ignite Class of Q1 2019

yes! i’m ready to ignite!

***Spots are limited and will fill up. don't miss out on your opportunity to transform life as you know it... reserve your seat now!